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Monday, February 20, 2017

Atmosphere of a Dream

Last night I had two dreams.  The first one was a nightmare and the second was a better dream.  I woke up from the first one unrested and sweating just to shiver myself back to sleep for the second one.  What got me interested in writing on this topic and sharing my thoughts with you all is the "Thing" that makes a dream extraordinary.  It's like there is this living, breathing dark force around you that has created everything you see and touch while examining our reactions to it...our feelings.  

What is "IT"?  What is this "atmosphere" all around us creating this alien like parallel?

It's consistency is a darker, gaseous liquid that is everywhere and ever changing.  It's what creates the manifested physical objects we experience.  The people, the buildings, even the ground that holds us up.Our interactions with the people we experience while dreaming can be compared to the pawns, rooks and knights in a game of chess.  We interpret their moves and play off their actions always running in a certain direction with a kind of like unsure reassurance.  And they do the same thing, interpreting our moves and playing off our actions however it seems they are doing this while studying or examining us.  And we are promised only never to reach the end, never to really encapsulate the King and know the Queen.

I also noticed that no matter a nightmare or not, the feeling is the same.  This makes me believe that the "atmosphere" or the "actual mass", if you will, is a real thing.  "It" exists everywhere in both good dreams and nightmares.  It creates and can be manipulated.  It changes like a flow does.  "Its" smart, "its" form is intelligent.  We can interact with it and it can interact with us.  "Its" contained because it doesn't occur or exist while awake.  There are certain definite moments in "its" actions when occurring.  Moments that are more powerful than others which cause us to make a kind of choice or counter action.  It's in these moments that I feel like "its" studying us or examining us.  Like "its" missing or gaining some kind of stimulation or information.