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Thursday, December 31, 2015

Police in Belle Isle Florida. What!!!

I filmed this on my phone while walking to the store one night.  You have to watch the whole video.  Lol!  Enjoy!

UFO or Rocket

Hey Guys,

I personally video tapped this on the way to work.  I swear.  I don't know what this is but You Tube has put it in the UFO section.  Thank you to You Tube.  Now I would like your opinions.  Thanks!

Again I swear, I was walking down the street and honestly the distance was not far away and I still couldn't tell what I was seeing.  That's what's SO Freaky! LOL.

Monday, October 19, 2015

Best Video on Earth!

Hey Guys!  Just Watch.  EnJoy!  Lol!                            If you watch, please leave comments.

Sunday, October 18, 2015

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Muscle Structure: 4 Day Swell (Day 1) - The Stairs

Video 4  ::  The Stairs

Brussel Sprout Recipe: Roasted Brussel Sprouts

Brussel Sprouts are a vegetable that has a lot of fulfilling power when understood and cooked right. Also known as the "mini cabbage", They create a market in America of approximately $27 million. In season during winter, and sweeter after a frost this vegetable presents a superior flavor to a soup on a cold day. Add some rice and you might have a formula for a nap.

Brussel Sprouts are a great source for Vitamin B, Vitamin K and Vitamin C. Being into fitness I like to know what foods hold what type of nutrition. Also, how to prepare and cook them as well. Knowing how to cook your food properly helps you to achieve the most out of what your eating. Before I get into the recipe or the "Meat and Potatoes" as we say, I will go over these vitamins and their benefits real quick.

Vitamin B = vitamins that play important roles in cell metabolism.
Vitamin C= vitamin C is essential to a healthy diet as well as being a highly effective antioxidant. 
Vitamin K = fat-soluble vitamins the human body needs for complete synthesis of certain proteins 
that are required for blood coagulation, and also certain proteins that the body uses to manipulate binding of calcium in bone and other tissues.

Now that we know how much power these "mini cabbages" hold, let's get on with our Brussel Sprout recipe or should I say brussel sprout recipes.  The two recipes will be Roasted Brussel Sprouts and Brown Sugar Brussel Sprouts.

I found the first Recipe online and belongs to Dani Spies of Clean & Delicious.  The website features some of the most interesting dishes including:  gluten free dishes like her Moms Stuffed Peppers and her 7 Minuet Stove Top Apple Crisp.  Also there are some high-protein recipes like her One Pan Roasted Shrimp & Green Beans and her Clean Eating Turkey & Green Bean Tacos.  So for today brussel sprout recipe I want to thank Dani Spies.

Roasted Brussel Sprouts:

You will need the following ingredients to make Dani's Roasted Brussel Sprouts:

1 lb. Brussel Sprouts
1 Tsp. of Olive Oil
1 Glass Bowl
1/2 of Kosher Salt
1/2 Tsp. Fresh Black Pepper
1/2 Tsp. Garlic Powder
1 Rimmed Baking sheet

For the cooking instructions watch the following video where she prepares them herself.  Enjoy!

The next brussel sprout recipe is going to be

    Brown Sugar Brussel Sprouts:
You will need the following Ingredients to make your gourmet "Brown Sugar Brussel Sprouts"

2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar
2 tablespoons brown sugar
1 pound Brussels sprouts, halved
1 tablespoon Extra Virgin Olive Oil
1 teaspoon red pepper flakes
2 teaspoons salt
4 garlic cloves, crushed and chopped
1/2 lemon, juice
    Cooking Instructions:
First you want to steam your Brussels Sprouts for about 10 to 15 minutes over boiling water until they are tender. Then heat your oil and garlic over medium-high heat until fragrant (being careful not to burn them). Next you want to add your Brussels Sprouts, lemon juice, pepper flakes and then your salt, stirring until they begin to brown. This will take about 5 minutes. Last add your balsamic vinegar and brown sugar then stir for a minute and remove from heat. When finished you can serve immediately.

This dish is a must during the winter months and gives the house a warm feel with its fragrant. Remember not to over-cook so you can enjoy the health benefits as well. Enjoy!

I want to thank Wikipedia for providing their Nutritional Information as well as Dani Spies of Clean & Delicious for her amazing Roasted Brussel Sprouts and thefreshmarket.com for their extremely delicous Brown Sugar Brussel Sprouts. It was great. Also if you are interested in more ways to build a happy and healthier lifestyle then continue to visit. Thanks again!

Workout: 5 Full on Solarplex Workouts

Time to workout the stomach.  Your abdominal structure/s are the most respected out of any other major area on your body.  Getting the most out of your solarplex requires more than just one workout.  Below I have listed 5 extreme exercises that workout your whole stomach and I mean the entire abdominal structure/s.

The first exercise I want to talk about is a muay thai workout that exercises the abs and strengthens the whole upper and lower back.  Holding a weight on top of your head lay on the floor in sit-up position.  Flex your abs pulling yourself off the floor.  You should feel your whole abdominal structure tighten as well as your lower back.  Hold this position for a second then release back down to starting position.  Do 5 to 7 sets of this exercise with 10 to 15 sit-up repetitions in each set.

The second abdominal workout exercises the whole stomach structure.  Lay on the floor with a weight on your chest.  Flex your abdominals pulling your torso up off the floor.  As you pull your body up push the weight off your chest extending your arms.  Hold this position for a second then release back down to starting position setting the weight back down on your chest structure.  Do 5 to 7 sets of this exercise with 10 to 15 sit-up repetitions in each set.

The third abdominal workout exercises the stomach structure as well as your lower back, upper back, shoulders (lats) and arms including your biceps and triceps.  To begin this exercise sit on the floor in an incline style position.  Keeping your back straight toss a weight up in the air and catch it.  Do 5 to 7 sets of this exercise with 10 to 15 toss up repetitions in each set.  You should feel your whole torso and stomach structure getting a serious workout.

The forth abdominal workout exercises not only your stomach structure but also the shoulder, chest, back as well as your abs.  To begin this workout stand with your feet shoulder width apart.  With one hand behind your back grab a weight with the other hand.  Now pull up the weight across your chest and immediately release back down to starting position.  Do this 5 times then curl the weight straight up 5 times.  Do 5 to 7 sets of this exercise with 10 to 15 pull-up repetitions in each set.

The fifth abdominal workout exercises not only the frontal abs but also the side of the stomach structure as well.  To begin this exercise sit in a chair with a weight behind your head.  Now lean over to the right and then to the left.  Do 5 to 7 sets of this exercise with 10 to 15 sit-up repetitions in each set.  This workout exercises the abs as well as the rest of the stomach structure.

The last exercise I want to discuss is not only an extreme abdominal workout but also an intense full body exercise as well.  To begin this exercise start in push-up position with a weight on the floor in front of you.  Do 5 push-ups then grab the weight with your right hand and pull it up 5 times.  Now set it back down on the floor in front of you and do 5 more push-ups.  Now grab the weight with your left hand and pull it up 5 times.  Then set the weight back down on the floor in front of you and do another 5 push-ups.  Do 5 to 7 sets of this exercise with 5 to 7 repetitions in each set.

Each of these exercises are intense and promise real results in only a short time as long as you are consistent with your workout routine.  Make sure your diet follows that of your fitness goals and don't over lift.  Giving your muscles the right amount of time to heal in between sets is how you properly exercise.  Also be sure to stretch before each workout to avoid injury and properly warm down after exercising as well.

Before I end this article I want to talk about a serious cardiovascular exercise that increases stamina and endurance.  Being a fan of boxing exercises I decided to try some of their workouts.  Turns out I got hooked to the first one I tried.  I workout on a punching bag after every exercise routine and the difference I've noticed is amazing.  My abdominal structure has tightened up and my whole upper body has strengthened.  If you are anything like me and don't have time to go to the gym then do like I do and workout on your own at home.  For a cheap way to start your boxing exercises visit:  http://myweave.blogspot.com

What's New in Men's Health?

April and Septembers issues both included an article promoting Foam Rolling.  I wasn't familiar with this exercise so I researched it and figured I'd write a post about it.  It seems when it comes to Self-Myofascial Release (or self massage) foam rolling is the new it.

So what is it?  
A Foam Roller is a foam cylinder of different sizes and densities.  Sizes vary anywhere from 12 to 36 inches and are meant for different muscles you are targeting.  They are inexpensive and provide an effective solution to stretching.

According to Wikipedia this foam rolling is good for a number of muscles including: gastrocnemiuslatissimus dorsipiriformisadductorsquadricepshamstringship flexors, thoracic spine (trapezius andrhomboids), and TFL.

Muscle Structure: 4 Day Swell (Day 3)

Hello Everyone!

Day 3, Crunches....


Hey you guys!  This video is just to help demonstrate crunches and how give you a basic idea of a plan B to sit-ups.  

Please Comment on these videos...They're for you.  I enjoy reading your thoughts and opinions plus there have been over 5000 visitors to my site already in fact just yesterday I had over 1100 visitors and that was in just one day.   So others will be reading your thoughts as well.  

Thanks again and I hope you really enjoy.

Description of Video:

Laying on your back with your legs in the air and your feet crossed, put your hands behind your head and pull your torso up using your stomach muscles.  Breathe out on the way up and breathe in on the way down (fig.1/2/3).

Now back in starting position flex your stomach muscles again pulling your torso up off the floor and turning your body to the left. Then bring your torso back down to starting position breathing out on your way down (fig.4/5/6).

Now back in starting position again, pull your torso up off the floor turning your body to the right, breathing out on the way up then returning back to starting position breathing out as bring your torso back down to the floor (fig.7/8/9)

Repeat these rotations 10-15 times in 5 to 6 sets.  It is a challenge but it will pay off in the near future.  After you have done this routine for a few weeks and you want to build your legs up as well then purchase some   5 lb. ankle weights. Wrap them around both your ankles with your with your feet lifted (your feet can be crossed or together) and repeat the above instructions.

That's how you build a monster.  Enjoy gorillas!  LOL!

Muscle Structure:  4 Day Swell (Day 3)

Tigers, Things & Wings

Weight lifters, body builders, gym fanatics and everyone else in the free world. Who loves chicken? I do. I also love the protein out of chicken. I'll eat chicken till I grow wings and can't fly. Since I write a fitness blog, today I want to speak about chicken. I'm hungry.

So I just want to speak about what it is and how much I want to eat it. I want to eat it with rice and some spicy sauce however I can't remember the ingredients so I'm just typing until I can. It's now 10:42 p.m. and I'm up the river if you know what I mean, with no chicken and protein.  I looked up what a protein is but I have no idea how to explain it to you. As well as an amino acid.???

I like chicken breasts, chicken legs and the rest of the chicken. But seriously since I'm unable to be scientific right now, I will go ahead give you a really good gourmet chicken recipe. Enjoy.
By the way, the modern chicken is a descendant to the Red Junglefowl Hybrid(???). I saw a picture of one on a tiger reservation. Who would take a picture of chicken on a tiger reservation? Not me.

The dish I would like to share with you comes from a great far away place called Hong Kong. This dish is called "Swiss Wing" however the legend of the ancient name is that it was said to have been called "Sweet Wing" but the person listening misunderstood the pronunciation and called it "Swiss Wing". The name stuck ever since.

Apparently, according to Wikipedia it's also a common practice in Hong Kong restaurants to name a new dish after a place, which may or may not have any connection with the dish itself at all. That's fun!


2 tablespoons corn oil
1/4 cup soy sauce
1/4 teaspoon salt
1/8 teaspoon pepper
3 pounds chicken wings, rinsed and patted dry with paper towels
2 tablespoons sesame oil
2 tablespoons rice vinegar
2 tablespoons fresh ginger, grated


First you want to heat oven to a temperature of 375 degrees F. Next
you want to combine your soy sauce, sesame oil, rice vinegar, and ginger and then you are going to set it aside.

Now place the chicken wings in a roasting pan and drizzle with corn oil and then sprinkle it with salt and pepper then toss.

Now roast for 15 to 20 minutes, or until wings are beginning to brown. Remove from oven and baste wings with the drippings and then drain the excess fat.

Now put the soy-ginger mixture over the wings and toss them. Finally you return them to the oven for another 25 to 30 minutes and then you ready and can serve them immediately.

It might help to watch a video as well so I found one, however it's in Chinese so have fun:

I'd like to thank wikipedia for their knowledge of chickens and I'd also like tomorrow to come so I can complete this dish. LoL! If you are interested in more healthy and fun ways to live a happy and fitness filled life visit me over at my blog and before going to the homepage and looking around check out these ab exercises since we're talking about filling our stomachs up. http://myweave.blogspot.com/2012/10/workout-5-full-on-solarplex-workouts.html Thanks again. Enjoy!

Muscle Structure: 4 Day Swell (Day 1) The Run

Video 2  :: The Run

Muscle Structure: 4 Day Swell (Day 3) - Curls

Hello Everyone!

Here is video 3. Curls.  Enjoy!

Video 3 ::  Curls

Hey you guys!  This video is to help you with some direction with Curls. 

Please Comment on these videos...They're for you.  I enjoy reading your thoughts and opinions plus there have been over 5000 visitors to my site already in fact just yesterday I had over 1100 visitors and that was in just one day.   So others will be reading your thoughts as well.  

Thanks again and I hope you really enjoy.

Muscle Structure: The 4 Day Swell (Day 1)

Day  #1
Hello Everyone!

It's been awhile since I've posted because I've haven't been working out.  I've been slacking off drinking and I've even smoked a few cigarettes however with all the energy and motivation I've lost I've come to a point where I felt it was time to make a decision on what was better for me.  So I took in account how I felt and what I look like now compared to what I looked like a few months ago.  I decided that I need to make a noticeable change so I quickly put a plan up and threw up a goal in my head.  4 days of extreme exercising and with it will come extreme change both visibly and in the way we feel.

Now since I havn't been exercising in the last few weeks or so my motivation has fallen quite a bit and my energy was extremely down so please bear with me through these videos.  By the end, we will see noticeable change.

Video 1. ::  Stretching

Muscle Structure: 4 Day Swell (Day 1) - Jump Rope

Video 3  ::  Jump Rope

Muscle Structure: 4 Day Swell (Day 3) - The Stairs

Hello Everyone!

Video 2 ::  The Stairs 


Hey you guys!  This video is to stepshow and also to show you an easier way to build leg muscle while doing cardio.   

Please Comment on my videos...They're for you.  I enjoy reading your thoughts and opinions plus there have been over 5000 visitors to my site already in fact just yesterday I had over 1100 visitors and that was in just one day.   So others will be reading your thoughts as well.  

Thanks again and I hope you really enjoy.

Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Vegetables: Is Cooking Them the Answer?

Vegetables. Now though there are exceptions it seems the older we get the more we want to eat them. So how do we prepare them? What is the best way to season them and cook them so we can enjoy them and still receive the benefits from them.
Let's pick a vegetable and we'll discuss a different way to prepare a delectable dish for it.
Asparagus is going to be the subject in this topic. It's delicious and can be eaten with almost any food in the world. Chicken, fish, rice, seafood, potatoes, etc. Anything. According to pkdiet.com answering the question, What are the nutritional benefits of asparagus? They wrote:
A 5.3 ounce serving (approximately 5 spears) has only 20 calories, 0 fat or cholesterol, 5 milligrams of sodium, 400 milligrams of potassium, 3 grams of fiber, 60% of the USRDA of folacin, and are excellent sources of thiamin and vitamin B6. Also, nutrition-and-you.com writes that its shoots are also good source of vitamin K. Adequate vitamin-K levels in the diet help limiting neuronal damage in the brain; thus, has established role in the treatment of patients suffering from Alzheimer's disease.
So how do we cook it. Some people cook the mush out of it until it holds no density and with that thought here comes another one. How much nutritional value are we losing when we cook our vegetables or over cook them. Well, according to livestrong.com we lose minerals and vitamins when cooking our vegetables however we increase the antioxidants when steaming or boiling them. They also noted that if you boil your vegetables and want to maintain that mineral or vitamin value then you can save the water after boiling your vegetables and make a soup. The minerals and vitamins in your vegetables boil out into the water so be creative while staying healthy.

So below is a gourmet recipe to cook your asparagus. The referenced website is listed next to the ingredients you will need for the recipe. Please enjoy this recipe from

Manjula's Kitchen:
ifood.tv - Asparagus w/ Ginger

1 lb. Asparagus
2 tbsp. of Olive Oil
1 teaspoon of Cumin Seed
1 tbsp. of minced Ginger
2 teaspoon of Lemon Juice
1/2 teaspoon of salt
1/2 teaspoon of black pepper
1/4 cup (4tbs) parmesan cheese


The first thing you are going to do is prepare the asparagus. Holding the stalk at both ends, bend the asparagus gently until the stalk break's on its own. When finished throw away the base of the broken stalks. Now take a knife and
slice the remaining asparagus spears diagonally into 2 inch pieces.

After you've cut the stalks, using a large frying pan bring your olive oil to medium heat.
Put the cumin seeds to the frying pan and wait till they crack; then add your sliced asparagus, ginger, lemon juice, salt and black pepper.

Now, stir-fry it for about 4 to 5 minutes or until the asparagus are tender but still crunchy. You don't want to over cook the asparagus. You want to make sure you keep it crisp.
When finished cooking:
Now you just sprinkle some shredded Parmesan cheese on your dish, just prior to serving.

TIPS from Manjula's Kitchen:

Add 1 tablespoon sliced almonds halfway through cooking the asparagus. This will make a beautiful presentation and taste great.
I want to thank Manjula's Kitchen, ifood.tv, pkdiet.com and wikipedia for their help and if you are interested in more motivational ways to live a healthy lifestyle then keep glancing around the site there is tons of information that is fun to learn and great to enjoy!

SeeFood with Shrimp

How do you see your food? Do you see it as just something to eat, something to enjoy, savor and remember or do you see your food as something that will help you physically and mentally propel into the future. Why not see what you eat as all of the above.
Today we look at some great ideas to help us enjoy what we eat and hopefully think of new ways to improve it.

What kind of food do you like? What do you prefer to cook, eat and serve to your family?  I personally love everything about food. There are so many different kinds of ways to cook everything.  We have ethnic foods, local foods, home cooked meals, fast food, restaurant foods, etc. When we go shopping what do we think about?  Do we think about how to improve what we eat and the flavors that we choose? Most of us go shopping and just shop to eat and feed our families however if we look around at what is available to us we have a palette of potential.
Let's take a simple herb if you will, "Cilantro". Also known as "Chinese Parsley", "Dhania", "Coriander".  This well-known herb has so many possibilities for flavoring our foods however do we recognize this.  Cilantro is used all across the world. In small amounts it enhances whatever dish you might cook and in large amounts Cilantro creates a strong, pungent flavor.  In restaurants cilantro is well-known and is used quite often but how many people actually shop for Cilantro when they go to the store?

Now let's look at another ingredient that gets overlooked.  It adds flavor and taste to the most delicate foods and enhances the taste buds to just keep us eating. Coconut Water.
Coconut Water is high in potassium and contains a molecule in it that helps fight cancer.  It is called "Antioxidants".  Now getting back to the ingredient itself and potential it has to wake our food up and slow our day down, coconut water can smooth out a soup or add a tropical feel to a fish and rice dish.  How many times have you gone shopping though and have walked right by this sweet flavored ingredient? Have you ever even tried cooking with it before?  Why not?

Small things that we pass by everyday get overlooked because we are comfortable with just feeding ourselves and our families after a hard days work.  We are so busy trying to change our lives through work that when it's time to rest we consider rest at its most simplest forms. However if we were to make small changes in how we choose to see rest and relaxation we would consider what we eat more.  Our food is what enhances our feelings and our attitude.

Let's take on another thought before I go.  There are two foods that you can eat and enjoy with just about anything. They are both local and ethnic in understanding and in flavor.  I mentioned them previously already. "Fish & Rice".  These two basic yet extremely delicate foods can inspire your taste buds when prepared right and served with the right dishes.  Seasoned fish with the right yield and grain of rice served with greens sitting in a bed of seasoned clam sauce with shrimp.  Enjoy.

Now for a recipe that will curl your taste buds like sex curls your toes.  It's called Prat Prit King with Shrimps.  Yum!

Prat Prik King with Shrimp:


7 oz. / Shrimp
1.5 oz. / Thai Red Curry Paste
2 oz. / Thai or Chinese Coconut Milk (optional for a richer flavor)
6 oz. / Green Beans or Chinese Long Beans (Break them to about 3 or 4 inches long)
2 oz. / Serrano Peppers
2-3 / Julian Kaffir Lime Leaves
1 oz. / Thai Fish Sauce
1 Tbsp. / Granulated Sugar or Palm Sugar
2 Tbsp. / Vegetable oil

Some research through Wikipedia and some from my family. Care to look at more changes you can make in your life then click on through some of the archives and leave me a message. I appreciate hearing what you think and your stories. Thanks.

Spice & Som Tum

Sawasdee Khrap! Hello, me again.
Today I want to introduce you to a different and delicious kind of salad. Talking about it at 3:06 in the morning is difficult because I just want to eat it right now. First put your hands together and bow your head. I told you it's 3 in the morning and I'm bowing my head to my computer right now for this dish. There's excitement all around when the thought of this salad arises. Trust me. The ladies dig it.
This is a Thai salad that is sweet, tangy and spicy all at the same time. It will invigorate your taste buds and set the room on fire. To prepare you will need a jug of water and paper towels to wipe your foreheads for each person sharing this dish.

Natty Netsuwan's Thai salad: (Love it!)
(A dish for two)
5 Cherry Tomatoes, 2 chili peppers, 1 tablespoon dried shrimp, 1 1/2 tablespoons fish sauce, 1 clove garlic, 6 green beans, 2 cups shredded green papaya, 3/4 lime, 1 1/2 tablespoons Palm Sugar, 2 tablespoons toasted peanuts optional.
    Materials Needed===============================================
1.) clay mortar
2.) wooden pestle
3.) spatula
    Cooking Instructions=============================================
So let's begin. First you want to smash a clove of garlic and then add green beans and halved cherry tomatoes. Pound the mixture a few times just so to bruise the beans and get the juice out of the tomatoes. Then add in the chili peppers and crush them just enough to release the flavors of the spice. Depending on your taste buds and your preference of spice you can add in more or less of the chili peppers (This is where the jug of water comes into play later). Next you want to add in the green papaya, dried shrimp, toasted peanuts, fish sauce, lime juice and palm sugar. Use the pestle to push the mixture up in the mortar and the spatula to push it down so that the mixture is mixed well.

However, if you do not have a big enough mortar you can crush garlic, tomatoes, green beans. Set them aside in a large bowl. Add dried shrimp, lime juice, fish sauce and palm sugar to the bowl. Add green papaya and mix well.

Serve with sticky rice and a sliver of cabbage, green beans and Thai basil. The cabbage and the green beans along with the sticky rice work alongside the jug of water. All you need now is the right person to eat it with. Enjoy everyone and thank you Natty!

Here is a video from Rin Silpachai over at Rins Cook Book  Enjoy!

I'd like to give my thanks to Natty Netsuwan for her amazing Thai Salad (som tum) recipe as well as Rin Silpachai for her amazing video recipe. Thank you both!  If you enjoyed this post, enjoyed these recipes and are still interested in learning new and exciting ways to live life in the healthiest way possible then visit Natty at http://www.thaitable.com/thai/recipe/green-papaya-salad and Rin over at http://rinscookbook.blogspot.com/ 

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Blender Diet (for gaining weight)

So what to do after you've stopped your routine and fell off from exercising.  You've lost weight and slimmed down and are wanting a change quick and quickly enough to carry your thoughts and motivation into a real physical and mental change.  Well, today we will discuss this.  I've found it easier to go light on the weights and go heavy on how you manage your intake and your output when you begin.  Later on during the next few weeks you start focusing more on weights and muscle building.  Now we want to focus on preparing your body.  Starting over is always difficult however it is possible to do it relatively with ease.

Food:  Blend everything!  These two words are formula that can build you up so quick you won't remember being slim and unmotivated.  I eat a regular breakfast.   Two eggs over easy with grilled tomatoes and onions (sometimes with Bacon or ham).  Big milk fan so I drink a glass or two almost every morning.  Toast with butter (1pc.)....I do not blend my breakfast unless it's cereal however I would my lunch and dinner unless it's a rice meal.  You can blend rice if you want I just enjoy eating rice whole.  Love the stuff.  

Here are some blending ideas for lunch and dinner.  I'm not going to list seasonings however I will hint towards dressings.  Salad dressings don't have to be for just salads.  They are also delicious to use on or with certain foods.  And since we're blending our food we might want that dressing as medium or a neutral flavor.

Blend This

1.)  Cereal & Milk      

 2.)  Mackerel, Mashed Potatoes, Vegetable

        3.)  Egg (2)(Boiled), Pepperoni Stick, Vegetable of some kind (your choice)

      4.)  Pastas can and should be blended if you are on a "Blender Diet".  Also I use bleu cheese salad dressing to flavor it.  I blend the spaghetti with my choice of sauce and then after I add little bit of bleu cheese on top.  I'm a huge fan of spaghetti)

5.)  Fruit (all fruit can be blended)

6.)  Ice cream (blend with cashew nuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, raw egg [1], fruit or anything else you might want throw in there.)

Remember, the point of this diet since we're trying to gain weight is to blend these foods.  You chew less and the food is worth more because it breaks down in your system better.

7.)  Vegetables with shrimp (you can add butter or another dressing of your choice)

8.) Soups (all your soups can be blended)

9.)  Chicken & Beans (red or black)
Note:  You can even toss in a plantain or two.

10.)  Sandwiches (I love the way a Publix Ultimate Sub taste when it's blended up)

So as you can see the possibilities are delicious.  You can use these ideas or be creative and blend something that your stomach craves.  If you are someone who is distant about making this kind of change, not to worry.   You will eventually find a recipe to blend that will stick with you forever.  Also, right now we can't lose thought about what our goals are.  We are trying to gain weight as quickly as possible so in the beginning it might be tough but in the end the benefits are endless.  

-Managing Our Blending Diet With Our Training Schedule-

We know what we're eating on our "Blender Diet" so now let's talk about how to manage this diet into growth and muscle instead of it turning into fat.  The spectrum of this diet can go both ways.  It's an extreme platform.  By this I mean blending your foods can make you fat or extremely strong.  Now instead of me writing down every exercise I'm going to give you some ideas through some videos I've made.  There simple but they are effective.

You have to remember that since you are blending foods instead of eating them whole your body is breaking them down as you tell it to.  You do not want to be sitting around on this type of diet.  You will get fat.  So, Cardio (jogging, running, up-downs, swimming, etc.).  I suggest you jog every other day or every other two days to encourage these nutrients to absorb into the right places.  Weight lifting depends on how you feel in the beginning.  Try to fit some weight training in but don't push yourself too hard and remember to lift responsibly.



Jump Rope:

Curls & Dips:


The Run:

The Blender Diet (for gaining weight)

Thursday, March 26, 2015

Sport Workout: The Neck

Hello everybody!  Today I want to talk about the neck.  I've written exercises that help stretch and strengthen the neck however today I want to go into further detail about the structure itself and follow it up with an extreme exercise that will ultimately help build your neck.  However before we can build up a structure we should understand what that structure consists of.

The neck has 5 main muscles:
  • Cervical
  • Suprahyoid
  • Infrahyoid  (Also known as the "Strap")
  •  Vertebral  (Also known as the "Anterior")
  • Lateral  (larapilo muscle)
Each of these 5 main muscles that make up the neck have their own counter-parts.

The Cervical can be broken down into two muscle parts.  The Platysma and the Sternocleidomastoid.

The Suprahyoid can be broken down into four muscle parts.  The Digastric, Stylohyoid, Mylohyoid, Genionhyoid.

The Infrahyoid (Also known as the "Strap" muscles) can be broken down into four muscle parts.  The Sternohyoid, Sternothyroid, Thyrohyoid, Omohyoid.

The Vertebral (Also known as the "Anterior") can be broken down into four muscle parts.  The Longus Colli, Longus Capitis, Rectus Capitis Anterior, Rectus Capitis Lateralis.

The Lateral  (Also known as the "Larapilo" muscle) can be broken down into four muscle parts.  The Scalene, Anterior, Medius, Posterior.

Everyone of these muscle structures can be strengthened to give us the figure we are looking for.  Now that we understand what muscles the neck structure consists of we can start to build these muscles safely.  Below I have detailed an exercise that is effective because it focuses not only on the muscles main parts but also on the muscles counter-parts.

Let's begin;

First thing you want to do is stand with your feet shoulder width apart with your hands on your hips like in figure A.

Next you want to tilt your head to the left, like in figure B.

Now Rotate your head forward and to the right like in figure C & D.

You should rotate your head in one movement.

Now with your head tilted to the right continue rotating tilting your head back and then to the left ending up back in starting position.  Figure A, B, C, D, E below.

Repeat this stretch 10 to 15 times in one direction and then switch and rotate 10 to 15 times in the other direction.  

The next exercises are focused on strengthening the neck.

 Sport Workout: The Neck