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Wednesday, April 8, 2015

SeeFood with Shrimp

How do you see your food? Do you see it as just something to eat, something to enjoy, savor and remember or do you see your food as something that will help you physically and mentally propel into the future. Why not see what you eat as all of the above.
Today we look at some great ideas to help us enjoy what we eat and hopefully think of new ways to improve it.

What kind of food do you like? What do you prefer to cook, eat and serve to your family?  I personally love everything about food. There are so many different kinds of ways to cook everything.  We have ethnic foods, local foods, home cooked meals, fast food, restaurant foods, etc. When we go shopping what do we think about?  Do we think about how to improve what we eat and the flavors that we choose? Most of us go shopping and just shop to eat and feed our families however if we look around at what is available to us we have a palette of potential.
Let's take a simple herb if you will, "Cilantro". Also known as "Chinese Parsley", "Dhania", "Coriander".  This well-known herb has so many possibilities for flavoring our foods however do we recognize this.  Cilantro is used all across the world. In small amounts it enhances whatever dish you might cook and in large amounts Cilantro creates a strong, pungent flavor.  In restaurants cilantro is well-known and is used quite often but how many people actually shop for Cilantro when they go to the store?

Now let's look at another ingredient that gets overlooked.  It adds flavor and taste to the most delicate foods and enhances the taste buds to just keep us eating. Coconut Water.
Coconut Water is high in potassium and contains a molecule in it that helps fight cancer.  It is called "Antioxidants".  Now getting back to the ingredient itself and potential it has to wake our food up and slow our day down, coconut water can smooth out a soup or add a tropical feel to a fish and rice dish.  How many times have you gone shopping though and have walked right by this sweet flavored ingredient? Have you ever even tried cooking with it before?  Why not?

Small things that we pass by everyday get overlooked because we are comfortable with just feeding ourselves and our families after a hard days work.  We are so busy trying to change our lives through work that when it's time to rest we consider rest at its most simplest forms. However if we were to make small changes in how we choose to see rest and relaxation we would consider what we eat more.  Our food is what enhances our feelings and our attitude.

Let's take on another thought before I go.  There are two foods that you can eat and enjoy with just about anything. They are both local and ethnic in understanding and in flavor.  I mentioned them previously already. "Fish & Rice".  These two basic yet extremely delicate foods can inspire your taste buds when prepared right and served with the right dishes.  Seasoned fish with the right yield and grain of rice served with greens sitting in a bed of seasoned clam sauce with shrimp.  Enjoy.

Now for a recipe that will curl your taste buds like sex curls your toes.  It's called Prat Prit King with Shrimps.  Yum!

Prat Prik King with Shrimp:


7 oz. / Shrimp
1.5 oz. / Thai Red Curry Paste
2 oz. / Thai or Chinese Coconut Milk (optional for a richer flavor)
6 oz. / Green Beans or Chinese Long Beans (Break them to about 3 or 4 inches long)
2 oz. / Serrano Peppers
2-3 / Julian Kaffir Lime Leaves
1 oz. / Thai Fish Sauce
1 Tbsp. / Granulated Sugar or Palm Sugar
2 Tbsp. / Vegetable oil

Some research through Wikipedia and some from my family. Care to look at more changes you can make in your life then click on through some of the archives and leave me a message. I appreciate hearing what you think and your stories. Thanks.

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