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Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Addison's disease

What is the cause?

According to Wiki.   The main cause is Autoimmune Adrenalitis.  An immune reaction causes the breakdown of your adrenal cortex which creates certain steroid hormones in your body.  This breakdown, inhibits the production of glucocorticoids and mineralcorticoids.

Has it ever been cured?

There is one testimonial online that I've read to claim to have been cured.  The person I read about was on treatment and was following a diet and exercise routine.  They tested as regularly as they could and when it was claimed the disease was gone they stopped treatment and continued to be tested.  Their spirits remained up while having and treating the disease.  A positive attitude of course helps in treatment.  Your psychological state effects your physical or biological state as well so literally "heads up!".   However the question occurs; is it possible for the disease to relapse if it goes away completely?

A woman wrote:   If you drive...please stay on your meds.  You could faint at the wheel and kill anyone of us.  (This is just as important to me too)

There is not enough evidence to guarantee the disease can be cured however there are stories that inspire hope.  (Don't trade your steroid hormones for grassy milkshakes but keep trying)

If you are interested in the diet from the story below:

Hi Miriamb,
My diet is mainly whole foods, although I am not completely restirctive. I try to follow a few guidelines: 1) staying alkaline, 2) keeping my gut healthy, 3) avoiding inflammatory foods (sugar, dairy, gluten, nightshade veggies...), and 3) getting *lots* of dark leafy green veggies, typically in the form of green smoothies. There are lots of references out there, but here are some of my favorites: "The Acid/Alkaline Food Guide", "The Body Ecology Diet", by Donna Gates, and "Green Smoothie Revolution", by Victoria Boutenko (this one has over 200 recipes!). I hope this is helpful - good health to you! ~Michelle
I Have Addison's disease

As of now, the disease is known and proven to be manageable through lifetime treatment.  Treatments include medical, dietary and exercise.  A healthy lifestyle for you guys and gals.

Quick Note:  There are also testimonials of Vitiligo being cured with just Ginkgo Biloba and Copper.  You can get that at the store.