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Sunday, October 18, 2015

Muscle Structure: 4 Day Swell (Day 3)

Hello Everyone!

Day 3, Crunches....


Hey you guys!  This video is just to help demonstrate crunches and how give you a basic idea of a plan B to sit-ups.  

Please Comment on these videos...They're for you.  I enjoy reading your thoughts and opinions plus there have been over 5000 visitors to my site already in fact just yesterday I had over 1100 visitors and that was in just one day.   So others will be reading your thoughts as well.  

Thanks again and I hope you really enjoy.

Description of Video:

Laying on your back with your legs in the air and your feet crossed, put your hands behind your head and pull your torso up using your stomach muscles.  Breathe out on the way up and breathe in on the way down (fig.1/2/3).

Now back in starting position flex your stomach muscles again pulling your torso up off the floor and turning your body to the left. Then bring your torso back down to starting position breathing out on your way down (fig.4/5/6).

Now back in starting position again, pull your torso up off the floor turning your body to the right, breathing out on the way up then returning back to starting position breathing out as bring your torso back down to the floor (fig.7/8/9)

Repeat these rotations 10-15 times in 5 to 6 sets.  It is a challenge but it will pay off in the near future.  After you have done this routine for a few weeks and you want to build your legs up as well then purchase some   5 lb. ankle weights. Wrap them around both your ankles with your with your feet lifted (your feet can be crossed or together) and repeat the above instructions.

That's how you build a monster.  Enjoy gorillas!  LOL!

Muscle Structure:  4 Day Swell (Day 3)

Friday, March 27, 2015

The Blender Diet (for gaining weight)

So what to do after you've stopped your routine and fell off from exercising.  You've lost weight and slimmed down and are wanting a change quick and quickly enough to carry your thoughts and motivation into a real physical and mental change.  Well, today we will discuss this.  I've found it easier to go light on the weights and go heavy on how you manage your intake and your output when you begin.  Later on during the next few weeks you start focusing more on weights and muscle building.  Now we want to focus on preparing your body.  Starting over is always difficult however it is possible to do it relatively with ease.

Food:  Blend everything!  These two words are formula that can build you up so quick you won't remember being slim and unmotivated.  I eat a regular breakfast.   Two eggs over easy with grilled tomatoes and onions (sometimes with Bacon or ham).  Big milk fan so I drink a glass or two almost every morning.  Toast with butter (1pc.)....I do not blend my breakfast unless it's cereal however I would my lunch and dinner unless it's a rice meal.  You can blend rice if you want I just enjoy eating rice whole.  Love the stuff.  

Here are some blending ideas for lunch and dinner.  I'm not going to list seasonings however I will hint towards dressings.  Salad dressings don't have to be for just salads.  They are also delicious to use on or with certain foods.  And since we're blending our food we might want that dressing as medium or a neutral flavor.

Blend This

1.)  Cereal & Milk      

 2.)  Mackerel, Mashed Potatoes, Vegetable

        3.)  Egg (2)(Boiled), Pepperoni Stick, Vegetable of some kind (your choice)

      4.)  Pastas can and should be blended if you are on a "Blender Diet".  Also I use bleu cheese salad dressing to flavor it.  I blend the spaghetti with my choice of sauce and then after I add little bit of bleu cheese on top.  I'm a huge fan of spaghetti)

5.)  Fruit (all fruit can be blended)

6.)  Ice cream (blend with cashew nuts, walnuts, sunflower seeds, raw egg [1], fruit or anything else you might want throw in there.)

Remember, the point of this diet since we're trying to gain weight is to blend these foods.  You chew less and the food is worth more because it breaks down in your system better.

7.)  Vegetables with shrimp (you can add butter or another dressing of your choice)

8.) Soups (all your soups can be blended)

9.)  Chicken & Beans (red or black)
Note:  You can even toss in a plantain or two.

10.)  Sandwiches (I love the way a Publix Ultimate Sub taste when it's blended up)

So as you can see the possibilities are delicious.  You can use these ideas or be creative and blend something that your stomach craves.  If you are someone who is distant about making this kind of change, not to worry.   You will eventually find a recipe to blend that will stick with you forever.  Also, right now we can't lose thought about what our goals are.  We are trying to gain weight as quickly as possible so in the beginning it might be tough but in the end the benefits are endless.  

-Managing Our Blending Diet With Our Training Schedule-

We know what we're eating on our "Blender Diet" so now let's talk about how to manage this diet into growth and muscle instead of it turning into fat.  The spectrum of this diet can go both ways.  It's an extreme platform.  By this I mean blending your foods can make you fat or extremely strong.  Now instead of me writing down every exercise I'm going to give you some ideas through some videos I've made.  There simple but they are effective.

You have to remember that since you are blending foods instead of eating them whole your body is breaking them down as you tell it to.  You do not want to be sitting around on this type of diet.  You will get fat.  So, Cardio (jogging, running, up-downs, swimming, etc.).  I suggest you jog every other day or every other two days to encourage these nutrients to absorb into the right places.  Weight lifting depends on how you feel in the beginning.  Try to fit some weight training in but don't push yourself too hard and remember to lift responsibly.



Jump Rope:

Curls & Dips:


The Run:

The Blender Diet (for gaining weight)